I am a teacher.

I am a healer.

I am a guide.

I truly am, and it took me a long time and a lot of lessons to get to the point where I could embrace and honour those titles.

In my life time I have witnessed abuse in close relationships. I have witnessed alcoholism and drug addiction in loved ones. I have had an eating disorder. I was married and divorced within the span of nine months, only ever having gotten married in the first place because of a crippling fear of disappointing people. I spent, quite literally, the first thirty-two years of my life oppressed by the belief that I was a burden and never, ever, enough. And finally, my sweetest blessing in disguise, I almost lost it all to post partum depression.

Post partum depression was the darkest, most difficult six months of my life. It was my absolute rock bottom. But I got through it. And, with much healing and the beauty of hindsight, I came to see that it was the Universe handing me a brilliant, shining second chance. It was the thing that left me naked, raw, and shivering, so that I could start again. It was the thing that broke every single wall that I had spent the last thirty-ish years of my life building up around my heart and left me with this beautiful, all-encompassing, compassionate heart that rules every aspect of my life.

It is my rebirth and I will not waste this second chance.

I am so deeply grateful to all of these experiences.

I know how to be of service because of them. I know compassion because of them. I know myself and the deep wisdom of my heart because of them.

Ultimately, I can see all of those struggles and trials as the beautiful gifts that they were. How they peeled back the layers and knocked down all of my walls, pointing me in the direction of my true purpose; of my soul’s calling.

And yet I can also recognize that I am, we are all, in a process of perpetual transformation.

I recognize how my greatest teacher was, and continues to be, the evolution of my life experience.

I recognize how steady prayer and meditation, journeying with Spirit, the Moon and Mother Earth, deep listening and even deeper surrender nourish the depth and the width and the fecundity of my journey, of my evolution.

I am here to teach, to heal and to guide, not by telling or prescribing, but by openly, honestly, being.

I look forward to sitting with you; to share space, experience, and healing, both yours and mine.



Kael is a seven hundred and seventy hour Certified Yoga Teacher with specialized training in Yoga Nidra and Prenatal Yoga, a trained Shaman and a workshop facilitator specializing in Personal Energy Profiles and Women's Circles.

These are her on paper credentials, but, truly, what makes her such a gifted teacher, healer and guide is a life of experience, incredible compassion and a calling to make a difference.