bone broth

hello loves!

if you haven't heard about bone broth and all of its spectacular qualities yet, well, today is your lucky day!

bone broth is a tasty, comforting, nutrient dense, cup of mega-goodness. i'm so in love with it it has even replaced my breakfast smoothie! i mean, really, that is all you need to know.

but, if that hasn't sold you on it, here are some facts:

- it helps to seal and heal a leaky gut, promoting healthy digestion and absorption of food

- bone broth contains high amounts of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium, all of which contribute to strong healthy bones

- bone broth is also loaded up with gelatin and collagen, vital for  healthy hair, skin and nails

- the high concentrations of glucosamine, collagen and proline in bone broth are vital for healthy connective tissue in the body

{in my, ahem, professional opinion, bone broth is a


for anyone with achey joints}

- glycine, also available in high quantities in bone broth, is vital for the liver. and our liver is vital for detoxing the body. glycine is also known to promote a sense of calm.

- bone broth is also a handy inflammation and infection fighter

- and, if all of that has not convinced you, bone broth is dead easy and wildly affordable to make.

if you get on the google you can read even more about it, but those are kind of the heavy hitting facts that got me on the broth train a little over a year ago.

alright my dears, lets get to "how to make" segment of the blog.

you will need the following:

- one organic or free range chicken carcass or, if you can find them, a couple of chicken necks and backs...bonus points if you can also find and add a few chicken feet!

{i will often buy an organic whole chicken for about $25 and have roast chicken the first night, pull the left over meat to make a pasta dish the second night, and then make a massive pot of bone broth the next night...i drink the broth just plain, but also use it for soups, rice, sauces, etc. so from one chicken you are easily getting up to five meals.}

- two onions

- four cloves of garlic

- a big chunk of fresh ginger, sliced

- about a cup of sliced fresh turmeric

{you all know about how incredible turmeric is right?}

- a big bunch of fresh parsley

- one whole lemon

- one bunch of thai basil

- a palm full of peppercorns

- a palm full of sea salt

- a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar

- a large stock pot

*i definitely like my bone broth to have more of a "pho" flavour, thus the ginger and thai basil. but feel free to adjust the seasonings to fit your own tastebuds/what you have on hand.

then simply throw the whole lot into your pot and fill almost to the top with water. bring the broth to a boil on medium heat and then reduce it to low to simmer for

eight to twenty-four hours

. that part is key! your broth needs to simmer a good long time to get all of the nutrients out of the bones themselves.

once the simmer time is up, strain the broth into one or a several storage containers. i usually strain it right into a massive jar i have and just keep it in the fridge, as it doesn't last us more than a week, but you may want to store some in the freezer.

that's it! super simple, super good for you.