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in the work i have been doing over the last couple of years, i see women marginalizing themselves in a myriad of ways. i see women feeling intimidated and unworthy and never, ever enough. and i see that so many of us have lost touch with the very important fact that we are each unique and powerful; that those things that come so innately, so naturally to each of us are truly our gifts, blessings, and offerings.

and so my great, big, from the bottom of my heart, hope with this project is that it will create an open and honest conversation about who we are as women; not just a glossy look at the five minutes of our day that went according to plan, not just us presenting who we think the world expects to see, but a real and authentic glimpse into how hard we all work and how we don't always get it right but how unique and beautiful and perfectly imperfect we all are regardless.

most of you know that my life has been profoundly shaped by my "failures" and i want to continue to push that envelope; for all of you to be able to share and witness the honesty and authenticity of other women and know that you are not alone and that we all stumble.

and, most importantly, to all of my lady loves, your depths and your beauty shake me to my very bones. i bow in reverence to the beauty that you are and to the audacious heart that you embody.


another lady love today!

and may i just say that i straight up adore sharing these women with you all? because i do.

today's lady is jessica and, as i have been with all you beauties, i was just fascinated when i read her words.

she is so grounded and rooted into her own being, but also completely expansive. and i found it so amazing to watch how she is constantly connecting the dots and building on her existing foundations.

i dig her and i suspect you all will too.


tell me a bit about who you are?

i carry a sense of calm, and am extremely introspective. i have a creative pulse that is always driving me towards adventure and new experiences.  i am constantly seeking to cultivate real connections. i am crazy in love (and a newlywed). i can be messy and emotional, but i always strive for a sense of peace. 

what do you do?

engineer and photographer

no, but really, beyond the title, what do you do? 

i am a creative problem solver. i spent most of my life applying this skill to math problems. now i am much more interested in people and relationships, and how to apply my creativity and problem solving skills in a way that can serve others. 

i capture people’s stories.  i try to document truth. often Ii may not even know what that truth is, but can simply bear witness to real people, having real moments, and the story will be told.   

when you look around at your life, is this what you expected?  are you surprised by it? if so, by what and why?

in a lot of ways my life is NOT AT ALL what i expected. i spent 5 years of school working towards the “dream job” i now have as an engineer for a corporate company and find myself more passionate about wedding photography. 

but at the end of the day i feel like i am where i belong. 

i have always been a person who never settles, who always drives to seek more out of life.  it is not surprising at all that i got to the goal i had previously set only to find my passions have changed and i need to work towards a new one.   

i think the most surprising thing, truly, is the richness of relationships i have in my life.  the love i found with my husband, with the tribe of woman that i am honoured to be a part of that uplift and support each other, and how photography has lead me into forming connections with so many brilliant and inspiring strangers i wouldn’t have met otherwise. 

what would most people be surprised to find out about you? 

i relay calmness but am often internally frazzled!  (i most definitely misplaced something in my bag, have no idea where my car keys are, have unmatched socks because i haven’t done laundry in a month, most likely have gone way too long without showering, and found a food stain from lunch on my shirt).   

though i am sure the people who truly know me are not at all surprised by any of that.  

what has been the peak experience(s) in your life thus far? why? how did it change you?

working at a camp in northern minnesota; when i was 21 i spent a summer in the woods with about 30 other young adults as counselors at an outdoor youth ministry camp.  my future husband and many of my most cherished friendships would come from that group.  that summer taught me to value nature, living simply, rooting relationships in faith, and above all, making decisions outside of fear. when i walked away from that summer, i had a renewed sense of confidence and self awareness, and i made a lot of significant changes in my life.

what are you passionate about? curious about?

i am passionate about people. i am passionate about being a storyteller and documenting truths. i am passionate about travel and adventure. i am passionate about pursuing answers; give me something complex and let me unravel it.   

i am curious as to whether there is a way to combine my two unique talents and my love for serving into a dream job?  like, could i do water treatment projects and use my photography to share the stories and lives it was affecting, simultaneously helping and giving a voice?  hmmm…

what are the qualities that truly matter to you? which ones do you fully embody? which ones are missing or needing to be more fully expressed?

i am drawn to people who live fully and authentically.  for me, i seem to always have an existential sense of purpose and mission, and it provides a constant drive and a lot of self expression. (unfortunately, it also tends to make me ignore things that i don’t find purposeful, like doing the dishes…oops)  

i am drawn towards vulnerability. people who are not afraid to expose their souls and loudly proclaim they are human, flaws and scars and all. this is something i am striving to express. 

also, i really want to live simply. but it is harder than it sounds. actually a lot of stuff is made to make life simpler, so living simply requires a dedication to doing things the hard way. i am constantly battling the urge to buy into modern conveniences and to live a life that is more stripped down.  

if you could sit down with a woman you greatly admire, what one question would you ask?

i am a romantic at heart, and i spend so much time with couples in love, digging into their beautiful stories.  more than meeting a famous person and hearing about their successes, i would definitely want to sit down with my ancestors and ask about their young love, and life and passions. perhaps dig up the images from their past that made their hearts sing.  (oh this is sounding like a project in the making!)  

do you have a dream, a wish or a “to-do” that you are currently resisting? if yes, and you feel ready to share it, what is it? why do you think the resistance is there? 

full time photography.  WHOA. right now it just feels so big. because i am a problem solver i tend to want to have all the variables in front of me, but because i am a creative i long for adventures. i am stuck in a space of simultaneously craving and resisting the unknown.    

you are at your best when you are:


when you are in that space of being your best, the exact thing you are doing, most often is:

writing, reflecting, drinking coffee, observing, creating, just simply being.  

and, last but not least, you know i love a beautiful string of words so, please, share a quote that moves and shakes you.

we lit a fire under ourselves when we got to talking…and if it weren’t for that, we’d still be sitting at home; floating, and not swimming. 

~our wild abandon

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