{monday morning} love

good morning sunshines!

a little bit of love and inspiration from the internets last week:

if you do nothing else today, just know that you are star dust. you are, literally, made of the heavens. and, yes, i understand if you don't bother reading beyond this point because your mind has been so blown by this.

this entire post is worth reading. but, if you are short on time, the real magic is in the last four paragraphs.

making sriracha this week!

holy shit. i have just discovered / fallen in love with jeff foster.

this is going in my "read and read and read again" folder.

and some beautiful words, courtesy of the spirit guide card i pulled this morning:

the holy spirit is filling your life with grace and ease. you're aligning with your purpose, and your discipline and focus are paying off. everything you touch seems to transform in to prosperity and beauty. this is more than luck; it's the reflection of the holy spirit flowing through you. the more you surrender to this divine energy, the more you'll be gifted with synchronicity and flow.

trust your immediate impulses and act on them without hesitation. the holy spirit is helping you make the right choices at the right time. your greatest challenge is to hold on to this joyous and natural healthy self-esteem and not allow others to throw you into self-doubt. believe in your dreams, your spirit, and yourself. pray for the strength to keep your focus clear and your hear open. 

the holy spirit's message: "walk in grace. all is well"

enjoy your monday!