{intentional} love

it is crazy to think that p has seven and a half days of grade one left. b's last day of preschool is tuesday. and june is half over.

time is flying by!

and it is truly amazing to me how much growth and change we experienced over the last year. how much more independent we each became. how much more confident and sure-footed.

so my focus this week, and moving forward, is to just savour everything.

savour our bike rides and each last trip to school. savour each day of what promises to be an incredible summer. savour my time with my boys the way it is now. before it changes. as it changes.

just revel in the present moment sweetness of it all.

this has also definitely been the year where it hit me full in the heart that my days as a full time mumma are winding down and that in a few short years i will be a mumma of two boys in full time school.

and then what?

well, there's a lot in store for "then", but for now i am savouring this.

because this gig?

it is so effing good.