Oh, Hey...Your Soul is Showing

Ok, this should come as no surprise for those of you who know me or frequent this blog, but spiritual, heart-wide-open, authentic experiences and people are one hundred percent my jam.

Enter Amy.

I've known Amy through Instagram for a few years, but had the pleasure of meeting her in person almost a year ago when she came to one of my Energy Profile Workshops. She then came to my Solstice Workshop. And then, bless her heart, she made sure that my Women's Yoga Nidra group in the south became a thing.

From my very first meeting with Amy up to today, especially today, I am in awe of her incredible heart. She is sweet and generous, fierce and curious. She is not afraid to go deep into spirit. She is determined. She is open and non-judging in a way that I find so remarkable. And every time Amy shows up, she is all in.

I am learning so much from her!

Anyway, today Amy shared a video she created for her photography business and it was like a whole new layer to a girl I feel I know quite well.

This video is beautiful in all of its technical aspects. But what blew my heart wide open was the way that Amy comes through in it; I can feel her power and her rawness, her passion and vulnerability...it is straight from her soul.

I mean, if that doesn't inspire your Tuesday...

Thank you, Amy. You poured your heart and soul into this and that is a thing of true beauty, strength and courage.