Weekend Wake Up

The Weekend Wake Up is a regular series here on teacher. healer. guide. where I share whatever moved, shook, educated or woke me a little deeper into this thing called life during the week.

Read everything or pick just one post to take in and really digest; your call.

But the intention is to give you a little bit of extra nourishment, some marrow, for your weekend and for your evolution.




This is mandatory reading/education. Start with this post. Then this one. Repeat often.

This is a ferociously pertinent read in this day and age of instant fame/gurus/experts/life coaches/etc.

Oh Carmen Spagnola. When this woman speaks/interviews/writes, it is always worth paying attention. Here's a great intro to her podcast and to her writing wizardry.

"What if, what if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb?" I have watched this speech {poetry?} by Valarie Kaur countless times and every. single. time. it makes me tear up. So much strength in her honesty and her hope.

Finally, this post by Kelly Diels. Fun fact: it is definitely worth signing up for her Sunday newsletter.