{summer solstice} love

i wrote about the new beginning quality of the winter solstice back in december; about how everything condenses in that shortest day of the year and then how growth and expansion occurs as each and every day after gets longer and more filled with light.

so today, on the summer solstice, i am reflecting back on those intentions i set for this year and on my themes of power and creation.

i am checking in to see where i need to shine more light and what i need to refine. i am checking in to see what i need to release. and i am savouring all of the work i have done and the progress i have made.

my little solstice prayer:

please teach me to abide in the deep wisdom of my awakened heart. 

teach me to hold more space in my heart and to open myself to a deeper level of hope and beauty.

please awaken in me, every day, the knowledge that i am the wisdom of faith, love and compassion; that i am sacred spirit in physical manifestation.

teach me to become so grounded in my own power that i am a beacon of light for those who need it.

and so it is done.

happy solstice sweethearts.

picture is kind of unrelated. but the way i see it, any blog post is an excuse for gratuituous horse gorgeousness!