monthly forecast

this month's forecast has me buzzing.

because, fun fact, i l.o.v.e. the unknown.

i really do!

the unknown is free of expectation and boundaries. the unknown kicks me right out of my logical, intellectual, conditioned mind and straight into the steady wisdom and expansive freedom of my heart. and the unknown always makes us grow...always.

go ahead and have a read below.

and, as always, many thanks to lena at the power path for sharing her incredible talents with all of us.

The main theme for November is “THE UNKNOWN”

The Unknown is what you cannot see, hear, feel, know, second- guess, expect or control. There is no instruction manual and nothing familiar. The comfort zone is being eroded much like being in a swimming pool where all of a sudden the sides of the pool disappear and you find yourself in a vast body of water with no edges in sight. You will either sink or swim and this is the nature of this month. Fear will cause you to sink. The willingness to be in a new experience will keep you afloat.

The UNKNOWN is like the dark. The creative mind goes wild without the reality check of the seen world. This can create the possibility for great delusion, fear, and physical, mental and emotional discomfort. On the other hand, when there is no reference point, the creativity is boundless and it can be much easier to think outside the box and eliminate limiting thoughts and beliefs as well as old patterns.

I recently had the experience of witnessing in myself how I give my power away to beliefs that were created around past experiences. If I experienced something in the past, the result of that experience became defined in my mind as a belief. If I go to repeat that experience, the mind has already defined the outcome based on the past and what it believes to be true. The discipline for me was to not believe old definitions of the mind but rather to use my creativity to imagine and make room for something different and more expansive.

Thinking outside the box and bringing in your imagination can be freeing but tricky at the same time. You need to have some reference points and reality checks so you don’t simply fall into the void and get lost in your own delusions. Community will be important this month especially being with people who are on the same page as you are. If you are not in the right environment, workspace, relationship or community, it will become painfully obvious. If you are not able to make the changes you need to, don’t be surprised if spirit arranges it for you.

This could be a difficult month to navigate especially for those that do not have a good internal reference point and compass of their own spiritual practice. Whether it is participating in an organized religion or following a personal spiritual practice, it will exceptionally important to rely on it this month to guide you.

The time brings tremendous possibilities to recreate just about everything in your life. When you are dealing with the UNKNOWN, you can either hide in fear and wait for the night to be over, or you can explore the possibilities by opening your eyes, making friends with the shadows and using your other intuitive senses to “see” in the dark.

Darkness is the perfect canvas for the imagination and we all know that imagination is one of the building blocks of manifesting. The exciting thing about this month is that we have the perfect opportunity to break through that membrane that represents a limited physical reality and expand ourselves into a larger container. We will need to move our security point from being defined externally to our internal knowing and sense of ourselves.

Your heart is the best compass you have and it always knows deep down inside what you truly want, who you truly are and what makes you happy. Trust your heart not your mind this month and beware of the mind trying to masquerade as the heart. At no other time has it been this imperative that you keep “don’t know mind”.

One of the biggest lessons and challenges for some of you will be to let go, really let go, of the need to know, the need to be right and the need to control. These three needs are needs of the mind and will derail you from the true power available this month. Watch the stories your mind tells you in the attempt to understand this great dissolving of the known container. There is a fine line between delusion and reality. The reality this month is the great UNKNOWN. Delusion is just another expression of “the need to know” creating a new story that you can get attached to that may or may not manifest.

You may witness those around you dealing with the UNKNOWN in different ways. Some will have a difficult time of it especially if their shadow has to do with their self-worth. Some will become almost manic in their creative new stories, some will withdraw in deep fear, and others will be able to walk that tightrope, keeping their eyes open, trusting their instincts, doing their daily practices and honoring the path of the heart.

This month supports the healing of our deepest fears. When the shadow surfaces, as it will for all of us, the discipline will be to starve it of any power by facing it with a “don’t know mind” and humbly turning the whole process over to spirit. This is allowing the heart to lead instead of the mind. The heart can face the UNKNOWN with way more wisdom than the mind can.

How can you make the most of this month?

Turn your fears into delighted anticipation of a great surprise that is supportive and satisfying beyond your wildest imagination.

Release the past, forgive the past, and dissolve old beliefs and patterns.

Drop the need to know, the need to control, the need to be right.

Trust the heart, be creative, and dream big! The sky is the limit.

Be excited and inspired rather than fearful.

Face the unknown with confidence and a willingness to have everything turn out well. Watch Martyrdom. You are never the victim.

Get help when you need it. Your support people will be your best reference point when you feel lost.

Rely on your spiritual practice whatever that may be. Do something daily.

Be compassionate around others who are having a difficult time without matching them. Make a separation. Don’t be afraid to say no to what does not feel right.

Trust spirit and the larger order of things. Anchor the belief that it will all turn out OK.

How the month shows up


Working with the unknown this month will have many faces. You may experience the surfacing of parts of your shadow that were unknown to you before. This is a good thing as what comes to the surface can also be more easily eliminated. You may revisit childhood fears recognizing that they have no power over you. You may gain a deeper understanding of what is yours and what belongs to someone else.

Another face of the Unknown is the opportunity to redefine and recreate yourself. This is tricky as the tendency for some of you can turn to the extreme, and you will need to be conscious of that. Remember that the body does not do well with extremes and a gradual process of change is sometimes easier.

Some of you may feel that you are at a crossroads where you need to make a choice. This choice may be internal such as around a belief or pattern that no longer serves, or it may be external, causing you to leave a job or a relationship or other environment. If your life is too static, you may find yourself making a choice or decision that will bring you into the unknown. If you get locked up in fear, spirit may give you a little help. If this happens do not feel victimized by it but see it as the change you created.


Relationships are a container for learning, growth and karmic lessons. Beware of rash decisions and always give the benefit of the doubt this month. Trust the heart and “keep don’t know mind” whenever you feel confusion about the unknown quality of whatever may be happening in your relationships.

It is a good month to step into new ways of being in relationship. Working on your self worth, self esteem and ability to have what you want will manifest in these new relationship containers. Observe where you give your power away to old beliefs based on past experiences and work on eliminating and dissolving those old patterns.

Watch for paranoia around your relationships when the quality of the Unknown is present. This is where you need to trust your heart and to trust that whatever is the right thing will happen. If others around you are acting out, you may not be able to fix it. Relax.


Make sure your environment somehow expresses ways that you are recreating and redefining yourself. Be very aware of how symbolic your environment is to how you are dealing with your life right now. Pay attention to it daily, as it is your reference point in this time of the unknown. Bring beauty in, eliminate clutter, and make changes that support your movement forward. Make sure that your personal environment feels like a sanctuary and incudes comfort and security. These are important when everything else may feel like uncontrolled chaos and confusion. You need to have a nest where you can re ground and reset yourself when you need to.

On a larger scale, the greater environment will also be acting “outside the box”. We may see anomalies in weather or planetary events. Things that have never happened before may bring up fearful responses and the attempt to understand, control or be right. The positive approach is to be delighted and excited, awed and empowered by these new developments. After all, the planet is very creative and we are in the Unknown.


One of the lessons to be learned here is that the body is a highly adaptable, creative and responsive organism and it will respond just as powerfully to fear, as it will to positivity, optimism and a belief that anything is possible. Be very observant of what instruction through your beliefs you are giving your body every day. Refining your instructions could be your focus of change and recreating yourself for the month.

Our minds LOVE to define everything! We especially love to define physical conditions and diseases. This is our addiction to “the need to know”. Beware of definitions and diagnoses. Worrying about the safety and survival of the body is one of the surest and fastest paths to fear. If you “think” you have something going on or may possibly in the future have something going on, turn this thought into a “don’t know” attitude and allow for the unknown to be a positive container for your health and well being instead of a breeding ground for fear.

Challenges this month may be around kidneys (as they are related to fear), digestion and skin rashes. Remember that when there is a challenge it also presents itself as an opportunity for healing and getting beyond what the symptoms represent.

This is a good month to get some acupuncture, energy work and shamanic healing.


Just when you think you have it figured out, spirit will throw a monkey wrench into your carefully planned and well-organized project. This does not mean it is a negative or challenging thing so watch that you don’t react negatively or fearfully. Throwing aspects of a project or business structure into the unknown can be very positive as it may force you to think outside the box and be a little more creative with your solutions. Of course this may lead to a restructuring or redefining of goals and values but that can also be a positive outcome. Watch that you don’t get too extreme or fall into a delusional place.

The UNKNOWN climate this month can breed great excitement, inspiration and enthusiasm. It is a great month to start something new. Just make sure you are not using old ideas and beliefs about how it should be done. Keep “don’t know mind” about the details while at the same time “knowing” in your heart through your own level of excitement and inspiration that you are on the right track.

There are aspects this month that make it a good time to examine your resources and move beyond your limiting beliefs about those resources. It is an excellent month for manifesting as long as you can eliminate any negative, victimized and limited thinking.


November 1-7: This is an important time to anchor and ground yourself in good meaningful practices that make sense. It is a time to strengthen your inner container of support that builds internal reference points giving the external ones permission to dissolve as we move into this theme of the UNKNOWN. It could be as simple as saying a prayer every day or bringing in the support of the directions and your allies. Make sure to include giving whatever is Unknown over to the higher intelligence of spirit.

This time frame is also one that comes with possible disturbed sleep, non-specific fears and anxiety, and feeling ungrounded and chaotic and unable to focus. You may need to take several breaks during each day just to breathe deeply and remind yourself of who you are.

If you are struggling with your self worth this week just know that something is up, some shadow that has been lurking around the edges has surfaced for a reason. Get some help to clear it. You don’t need to know what it is. It may be so old that there is no longer a context for it in this life.

November 6: Full Moon is Thursday, November 6 at 3:23 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). How can you make your container bigger and stay practical at the same time?

What you do here on this full moon will carry you forward. So take advantage and set new patterns in any way you can. Do some clearing of anything that feels old and fearful. Become more aware of your resources especially the physical ones and take some time to be in great gratitude for what you do have and honor how those resources support you. Be creative in how you can take your present resources and use them to expand that container. Be open to the unknown resources that are just around the corner that may manifest in your reality if you allow them to.

Watch for that shadow side that threatens to come up and obliterate your positivity. Embrace it and turn it into power through humor. Be with friends on this day as your community is a great support during these times.

November 8-15: This is a tricky time frame that can be fraught with suspicion, delusion, confusion, doubt, obsession, fear, anxiety, and possibly even panic. More than ever it is important to have your practices and your support in place. Just about anything can trigger the shadow and you will definitely find yourself groping in the dark to get some grip on reality.

The question is, what is real? Be careful not to weave a story that makes the personality feel better. This is about moving beyond the need to know and building your trust in spirit. As much as you are able to, stay away from negative situations and people who are not dealing well with the unknown. Those of you in the healing and helping professions may be swamped with crisis situations as people in need are trying to make sense out of life.

On the positive side this is truly a time when you can shatter and dissolve old parts of you that have been holding you back for a very long time. Focus on humor and fun and do something every day that brings you joy and inspiration. It’s a great time to take a risk and start something new and exciting provided your heart leads you into it.

November 16-23: We are clawing our way up through the quicksand of the unknown and some things are beginning to make sense. The only feedback you will have is your own experience when you try something new. This is a time to be proactive and focused and determined to keep yourself moving forward into the unknown. Even though it is dark and you can’t see, you can trust your inner intuition that you are being guided in the right direction. There is a light at the other end of the tunnel.

This is a time when creativity is important and thinking outside the box is crucial. Beware of the personality trying to yank you back into old patterns and the comfort of what is familiar. You don’t want familiar. Instead you want to be excited and anticipate a new surprise, something positive and different that will bring you joy and satisfaction beyond your wildest imagination.

Watch for synchronicity and be aware that creativity begins with the unknown and filters up through the subconscious into an actual manifestation. Witness the process with awe and gratitude. Be creative!

November 22: New Moon is Saturday, November 22 at 5:32 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is a reset. The time can be confusing and you may not have a great grip on what your reality is. Take some time this day to go back to basics and review the last few weeks. What is working, what is not working, what did you intend to do but have not done yet, what feels incomplete or completely disorganized, what are you afraid of, what needs to end and what do you want to begin. Honor this new moon with a focus on self and your own personal growth.

November 24-30: The energy lightens up here as pieces begin to fall into place. This is a time to celebrate new beginnings, important endings, and to continue working with being comfortable with that “don’t know mind”. There is great power to be harnessed from the understanding that you have the ability and everything you need to create, recreate and program the unknown and uncharted territories that are part of this great transition.

Share your inspirations. This time frame can put many beautiful new things into motion from relationships to projects to dreams that you never thought you could manifest. There is a higher frequency available now that carries a promise of more light, more confidence and more personal power. You just need to welcome it in.

jump in sweethearts, it's going to be good.

{monthly forecast} love


i am back! and big changes are afoot!

but, for now, i'm starting small and sharing someone else's amazing body of work.

i was actually laughing out loud and saying "oh my goodness, yes" and shaking my head in disbelief as i read through this month's forecast. and, apparently i'm a keener, because i have already been working through/with so much of it in the last two weeks already.

anyway, this month's forecast is "the three-legged stool" and, even though it sounds as though there could be some intense craziness showing up, i am super excited for it.

here's the full forecast from lena at the power path:

"The main theme for October is “THE THREE-LEGGED STOOL”.
October is a balancing act. The image is of watching a circus act from a place of terror and excitement and then feeling both relieved and exhilarated when the act is successfully completed. This month pushes the edge of everything, forcing expansion, new strategies for balance and a necessary letting go of what really does not work. It is an exciting, terrifying, exhilarating month with the challenge of extreme panic and fear as well as the opportunity to experience the ecstatic state of higher frequencies like never before. It is truly a circus that we are both witness to and performers in.

There are two eclipses this month as well as some interesting astrological aspects that support the month to be one of the most eccentric, creative, surprising and unpredictable we have had in a long time.

I could have explored many themes this month: Balancing act, radical shift, intensity, surprise, expansion, risk, edge, terror, chaos, power, balance, unpredictable, unstable, revolution/evolution, eccentric, new alignment.. But decided on the three legged stool” because it is an image that to me best describes the situation we find ourselves in this month.

A three-legged stool is unstable but stable at the same time. Its stability depends on the user. If you use a three-legged stool, which can be a great support when you need something to sit on, you need to be sitting straight and balanced. If you lean too far in either direction you will fall off. It requires attention to how you are sitting, with your back straight, as well as the awareness of where you have placed the stool, hopefully on stable ground. And your feet have to be firmly planted on the ground. There will be times this month where your stool may actually feel like a one legged-stool requiring even more presence, attention and inner stability and balance.

So the three-legged stool (sometimes a one-legged stool) is a metaphor for the times. We have everything we need to support our lives and to midwife our transformation. We just need to trust our seemingly unstable environment, and pay attention to how we are navigating our lives every day. We need to be in our personal power, connected to the integrity of our hearts and striving for a new balance. We need to release our old stories and become more comfortable with the mystery of the unknown. We need to shift our platforms of security from exterior systems to interior ones. In other words, trust more in our talents, inner wisdom, personal beliefs and the higher self of spirit rather than the money in the bank, corporate jobs, or the roof over our heads. We need to allow inspiration and a new higher frequency to guide us as we keep a “don’t know mind”.

How does one stay neutral and balanced in the midst of such unpredictability and chaos? How does one stay firmly planted on that three-legged or one-legged stool in the middle of a windstorm or hurricane? (Mp3 is a definite help here)

1. Know who you are and don’t get swayed by another’s fear, beliefs, judgments or expectations.
2. Don’t take things personally.
3. Always move yourself to the place of enthusiasm and excitement when you feel the terror coming on. There is a fine line between terror and excitement. Terror will always throw you into a lower frequency whereas excitement will keep you moving in the right direction with the right attitude.
4. Keep a “don’t know mind” and listen to your heart.
5. Tell the truth no matter what.
6. Trust in spirit and your own higher self and inner voice.
7. Allow yourself to feel joy.
8. Never blame others. Take that chip off your shoulder once and for all.
9. Forgive, forgive, and forgive.
10. Slow down and finish what you started before jumping into the next inspired task.
11. Be eccentric rather than “normal”.
12. Think creatively whenever possible.

How the month shows up


This is a highly creative and eccentric month. Push the envelope of your expression in the world. Try new things. Take a risk. Say YES to something you have been contemplating but have been too afraid to commit to. Instead of becoming small and retreating back into limitation, prioritize when you feel the chaos of having too much on your plate.

There is an opportunity here to express more authentically and to find a new alignment and a new balance in your life. This is also a month where you can tap into a reservoir of personal power that you did not realize you had. The mantra should be “anything is possible”. You just need to allow it by keeping yourself as free as possible from the “old story” of limitation and victimization. The roof literally comes off the building allowing you to move into a new space, a higher floor, and an expanded view of your world that includes more light, joy and possibility.

What will get in the way of that?

The need to know, the need to be right, arrogance, impatience, martyrdom, attachment to your “position”, fear, and mistrust of life working out just right. Watch the need to tell others how to navigate their three or one-legged stool and instead learn to manage your own balance and alignment. It is a great month for personal growth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you find that the usual methods of support you have relied on are not providing what you need, try something new and radical.


Relationships are ready for some fun, eccentricity and spontaneity. The task this month is to use the influences to dissolve the mistrust and conditional expectations that keep intimacy at bay and create barriers to love and joy and true support. Finding your balance in relationships requires telling the truth no matter what and not taking the projections of others personally.

Relationships will be affected by the eccentric personality of the month and can be fed by the creative aspect. Remember that as you expect others to accept your new way of being, you must also be in acceptance of others. If your partner chooses to die their hair green, accept it and rejoice in their creative expression instead of being horrified.

If you have children, they will be acting out. There is a lot of fire and solar energy this month that will quicken anger and aggressive reactions. Allow lots of room for expression while holding strong boundaries. Always give a choice and accept expressions that are eccentric as long as they are not dangerous or damaging. This goes for adults too!


Quirky weather and other phenomena, unexpected and unpredictable, are just a few of the environmental expressions we may be faced with. The three-legged (or one-legged) stool here is about being extremely flexible and spontaneous in your plans. Eccentricity hits the environment as it does everything else this month. Look for radical changes in temperatures, sudden storms and unpredictable changes in weather predictions. In fact nothing is predictable any more. When something happens that is unprecedented, the mind always tries to rationalize it or deny its occurrence. “This NEVER happens here”…..”It must be because”….. Remember that nature is highly creative and reflective of our own process of pushing the edge of the envelope of our comfort level. So be prepared for anything and everything this month.

On a fun note, may be delighted by reports of eccentric activity on the planet involving animals, humans and nature.

In terms of your personal environment, continue to weed and clear out what is no longer “you” (even if it is a family heirloom). Bring some creativity into your space: color, art, beauty, sound. Be a little risky and eccentric. Have some fun.


Balance, balance, balance. Find a rhythm that works for you in your own personal self-care. Be ruthless and disciplined about taking time for yourself especially when you feel overwhelmed. Listen to your own inner wisdom regarding what you need. Humor is an all-important emotion this month as it will lubricate the path to truth telling and raise you up out of shame, despair and depression. Always find something to laugh about regarding any adverse situation concerning your health and well-being.

There will be lots and lots of energy available this month and you can easy burn out unless you have balance. The adrenals will need support. Watch liver heat as the solar energy this month stimulates and triggers impatience and aggression. Make sure to get PLENTY of exercise of the kind that makes you sweat. You will need this outlet for the possible build up of energy that otherwise will keep you sleepless at night.

Balancing your three-legged stool demands that you create a good structure around your self-care that you can commit to.


Think big and think out of the box. Dream beyond what you think is possible as it may actually be possible. One of the lessons this month is to learn to stretch so you become comfortable in the reality that is just a dream and not manifest as well as keeping your anchor in the reality that you are used to. Learn to keep a foot in both worlds, the seen and the unseen. This is the place of power and will keep you from getting too attached to what you see manifest as you build your trust in the belief that it can always change. The unseen world is where ideas and dreams and creativity come from. The more you are able to navigate and trust that world, the more you will see your dreams manifest.

The challenge will be to get rebalanced as quickly as possible if something happens in your business or project that throws you off center. You may feel at times like your three-legged stool is a one-legged stool and that you are about to fall off the edge. Instead of going into terror, take a swan dive into the unknown and trust spirit that it will all end up OK. This is a great month to change it up and bring some newness into any project, business or partnership. So have fun, play a little and definitely bring humor into the mix.


October 1-7: The “heat” is on! You feel energized, inspired, a little like you want to jump out of your skin, and maybe having a hard time trying to figure out where to put and focus all this energy. Make a list of the things you HAVE to do as well as the things you WANT to do. Of the things you HAVE to do, identify what you can delegate. Prioritize the rest. Of the things you WANT to do, what is the most important and exciting and attainable thing you can start doing now?

Your three-legged stool this week is about learning to organize chaos and how to structure your time so you balance the HAVE TO’s with the WANT TO’s in a way that does not keep you enslaved to the HAVE TO’s. Even if you do not get all of your responsibilities done in one day, cut them off at a reasonable time so you have some space to do a little of what you really want to do.

It will be super important in this time to have a creative and physical outlet for energy. Sometimes when you are over-amped and without an outlet, that energy turns inward causing you to feel the opposite of energized. So if you are feeling depleted, you may actually need to go out and exercise.

 October 8: Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse is Wednesday, October 8th at 4:51 AM MDT (mountain daylight time). This is truly an intense and possibly highly emotional time that will trigger and push everything to the edge and beyond. Instead of retreating or freezing up in fear and terror, go out and become part of the storm. Harness the tremendous energy that has the potential to feed your creativity and dreams in ways you could never have imagined.

Stay away from drama that is not yours, as there will be some out there that react to this level of energy by projecting it into negativity and fear. Keep your frequency high (This month’s Mp3 is helpful) and always turn your focus towards the truth of what works for you. This full moon and eclipse triggers a two week time frame of revolutionary intensity that can either propel you into radical transformation or have you falling off the three-legged stool. Your ability to pay attention, and to stay focused and present while also allowing yourself to grab the power of the storm, will be key to staying firmly on the stool.

October 8-15: In the aftermath of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, this time frame is about finding a new balance. Be disciplined about continuing to move yourself away from old patterns of security and comfort, and towards a new alignment. Look for the excitement of the risk and explore the threads of your creative ideas and inspirations while managing your daily life through the discipline of your routines and practices.

You will know you are on the right track when a creative idea or inspiration won’t leave you alone, and you notice that the universe begins to align all kinds of support around it. Keep aligning with new and different energies by doing some new things, connecting with new people, changing something in your environment and always pushing for just a bit more creativity and eccentricity.

October 16-23: This time frame is a bit of a yo-yo with its ups and downs and possible surprises and unpredictable events. Be prepared for anything and everything. This does not mean sitting back, hiding and waiting for the other shoe to drop. It means being proactive and passionate about everything in your life but with the flexibility, lack of judgment and neutrality that allows for spontaneity and a possible radical change of plans.

This is also the time to put into action some of what is beginning to manifest around what you WANT to do rather than what you HAVE to do. It is a highly creative and spontaneous time frame that supports eccentric expression and risk taking. Sometimes it is easier to see what you don’t want than what you do want. Weed out what you don’t want and the new desires will become clearer.

October 23: New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse is Thursday, October 23 at 3:56 PM MDT (mountain daylight time). This is the second eclipse of the month and serves as a bookend to the most highly eccentric aspect of the month. Take some time today to just breathe. It’s as if you have just witnessed the most radical circus act and your adrenalin is settling back to normal. If there is any way to take a bit of a retreat here just to honor yourself and your authentic self with gratitude and awareness of your many talents, do it.

It could just be that you give yourself an hour to be in contemplation or you leave work early to take a walk.

This new moon is a reset point where you get to decide who you are and what you are up to, what you WANT to do and how you are going to express and support it. The energy of the eclipse period as well as this new moon will feed these inner realizations with much power and help carry this new alignment forward.

October 24-31: Busy, busy, busy. Now that you have learned to somewhat stabilize your three-legged stool, and the universe has opened some opportunities around what you said you wanted, it’s time to get to work to sort and organize and focus and actually do what you said you wanted to do. Watch for procrastination as a defense around “what you think you don’t know how to do so you put it off”. There is a steep learning curve that comes with the new territories in your life and it requires patience, discipline and keeping a “don’t know mind”. Baby steps are good.

Some of you may feel like you did on your first day of school; excited, somewhat terrified and not sure whether to run forward into the playground or back into the security of your known environment. It’s too late to turn back and you would not want to anyway.

So get to work, make it fun, be eccentric, stay present, keep expressing and creating and remember to keep your balance. If it feels like too much go back to the list of HAVE to and WANT to. Prioritize, delegate, eliminate. Make sure you end up with way more WANT to than HAVE to."

see you all again...very soon!