what a difference a {almost} year makes

almost a year ago, i took a course where i was asked to take a book and black out every single word and sentence that didn't light me up, that didn't make me feel like my heart was overflowing. then i was instructed to take all of the words that remained and trust the sacredness of the message.

when i pulled all of my remaining words and read their message, i legit ugly cried. it was everything that i believed, that i wanted to believe, and that i wanted to be...but all seemed too beautiful to be possible.

i stumbled on the words in my journal today and am truly just stunned that, not quite a year later, i am living them.

that they are my reality.

and that i don't, not even for a second, look at any of them and think, "oh that would be lovely, but it'll probably never be me...those are qualities for 'other' people, people that are/have more...".

{ok, my glorious career as an artist all around the world isn't quite there...yet.}

have a read.

maybe do the exercise yourself.

and remember that thoughts really do become things.

beautiful wild animal, a whole masterpiece inside.
a glorious career as an artist all around the world.
the difference.
i have always kept the stars delighted.
and so i lived my own.
my life depended on it.
living soul.
extraordinary memory.
delightful amazement.
living soul.
remember, living soul.
at last i found my voice.
living soul.
my place.
live light.
and i was proud.
laughing gently, lost in thought.
treasure, imagine, find out more.
wander all over the place, laughing.
discover the reason.
feel, know, beautiful worth.
lovely, full of laughter.
leave you in peace.
understand life.
natural memories paint forgiveness.
each day i learned something new. out of the blue.
understand, i cared so much.
giant trees, as big as churches.
sleep deep in the earth.
stirring towards the sun, grow in peace.
something you have to do every day.
make a special effort. 
gradually i begin to build up a picture.
beautiful, stumbled upon secrets.
thank, matter, believe, love, worthwhile.
absolutely unique and nowhere to be found. 
the only one of its kind on all the millions and millions of stars.
learn more.
something miraculous is going to appear.
sanctuary. beauty. mysterious.
she showed herself, so beautiful, to the sun. lovely to behold.
softly let the tigers come.
deep down. 
love her in the morning.
slowly, steadily.
feeling the verge of tears.
forgive me.
i love you.
be happy.
so beautiful.
~kael klassen 
{the almost one year ago version of her}