{monday morning} love

rise and shine and enjoy some of what i loved and was inspired by on the internet over the course of the last week.

forget advertisements and sporting events and news reels. can you imagine if this was played on repeat on all public screens?

native americans are not indians.

i speak and teach about letting go of judgement a lot, but i can totally get down with these. {thank you sarah and morgan for the share}

i love this cover.

these. all of them.

i am so deeply grateful for other people's wisdom and words:

when we stop distracting ourselves, and courageously dive into the heart of any feeling, positive or negative, right or wrong, comfortable or uncomfortable, we rediscover the vast ocean of who we are. 

every feeling is made of unspeakable intelligence, and every feeling contains a hidden message.

enjoy the rest of this beautiful monday...the last one before school's out for summer!