{intentional} love

it is crazy to think that p has seven and a half days of grade one left. b's last day of preschool is tuesday. and june is half over.

time is flying by!

and it is truly amazing to me how much growth and change we experienced over the last year. how much more independent we each became. how much more confident and sure-footed.

so my focus this week, and moving forward, is to just savour everything.

savour our bike rides and each last trip to school. savour each day of what promises to be an incredible summer. savour my time with my boys the way it is now. before it changes. as it changes.

just revel in the present moment sweetness of it all.

this has also definitely been the year where it hit me full in the heart that my days as a full time mumma are winding down and that in a few short years i will be a mumma of two boys in full time school.

and then what?

well, there's a lot in store for "then", but for now i am savouring this.

because this gig?

it is so effing good.

{intentional} love

this week i am going to let go of resistance.

or not even so much "let go" of it, but notice it and then really look at what i am resisting and then pursue that thing relentlessly until it loses the emotional charge of fear around it.

this is a lesson that has come up for me time and time again; whatever i am resisting is almost one hundred percent of the time the thing that i need to be doing/delving into.

and over the course of the last two weeks i received two really bright, shiny reminders of this.

reminder one:

i teach yoga nidra as the last class of each of my registered yoga sessions. this means that once every six week i get to teach a yoga nidra class. 

and i love to teach yoga nidra. love it. 

{yoga nidra is a deep guided meditation that is incredibly powerful, restful and healing...and it is as blissful to teach as it is to practice}

so for the last year or so i have been secretly wishing to teach this practice more regularly. however, every time i would begin to think about asking around with my fellow yoga teachers resistance would rear its ugly head and i would quietly back away.

flash back to two weeks ago when i flipped the bird to my resistance monster and emailed four of my friends that teach yoga nidra/own yoga studios/manage yoga studios and simply let them know that if they ever hear of anyone looking for a nidra teacher, and they couldn't take the job themselves, that i would be honoured if they suggested me.

and do you know what happened?

they each offered me a job!

nah, that didn't really happen. 

what really happened is quite possibly even more magic.

the very next day i received an email from one of my students wanting to connect me to a friend of hers that was looking for a yoga nidra teacher for the studio that she manages.

i mean, come on!

i finally face my resistance and put it out there that i want to teach a regular yoga nidra class and then receive an offer for one the very next day?

i'm still giddy over that one.

and, reminder two:

today i taught my very first, all on my own, personal energy profile workshop.

i have been trained to do this since the beginning of march and have absolutely resisted taking this first step ever since then.

every time i would go to set a date for a workshop my head would be filled with doubts 

who am i to teach this? who would bother to sign up? am i really capable of guiding people to discover their individual greatness? 

and on and on the excuses/resistance would dance.

and, again, i finally squared up to my resistance, set a date and promoted myself and, again, magic happened.

i had five of the most gorgeous, unique, huge-hearted women come to my home today.

i got to live in my absolute light and share with them about spirit and energy and, my very favourite, i was blessed to connect them to a beautiful part of themselves. i was able to witness as they all gained this incredible acceptance and navigation piece that i know can, and will, have a profound impact on every aspect of their lives.

why. the eff. did i resist that?!?

long winded post tonight, but the moral of the story for me, and probably for some of you too, is that those things we are resisting? we need to really investigate them.