Simple and Soulful Creative

I adore Deana. 

Deana is one of those rare gems in the entrepreneurial world that is not about the fast, hard sell, but all about the authentic, true, heart-felt offering. 

From our very first consultation call to my finished e-book, Deana showed up in the most beautiful way; honouring her creative genius while authentically showcasing my heart's work. She listened, hearing and pointing out facets of myself that I wasn't even noticing, and then brought that out into the world, reflecting it all so clearly, brilliantly and beautifully. She created an e-book that is so very me. And her kindness, patience, and clarity throughout the entire process was inspiring.

When you get right down to it, working with Deana is like working with a dear friend; someone who knows you, who hears you, who isn't trying to mold you into anything that you're not but, rather, wants to shine your unique, brilliant, just-as-you-are, self out into the world on your behalf.

So much gratitude for this woman.

Kaihla Tonai

Kaihla is a rare gem in that, while her photography is remarkably beautiful, she is going beyond that and capturing a spiritual moment for her clients. 

Do not hesitate to get in front of her lens. In fact, so your heart a favour and get in front of her lens.

Flora Photography

Amy is another rare gem.

I often think of her photography sessions as her way of becoming a midwife to the woman's heart; bringing your Self to your self and capturing that so that you have that reminder for the rest of your days. Stunning.