Distance Healing Session

Distance Healing Sessions are a beautiful and powerful way to experience energetic healing from the comfort of your own home.

Each Distance Healing Session is unique, drawing from the properties of Shamanic Healing, Intuitive guidance, energetic cord cutting, drumming and journeying, but the common thread is the powerful shifts and healing they provide.

How can a Distance Healing Session help?

  • clears energetic imbalances {ie: feeling ungrounded or heavy}
  • clears energetic cords that are impeding personal growth or the ability to move forward with your life
  • provides you with important information about your current path and messages from your guides 
  • provides a greater sense of empowerment and self-awareness
  • encourages a sense of wholeness and balance within the body at all layers {physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually}
  • shifts persistent patterns of sadness, fear, or anxiety
  • removes blockages or dense energy that are preventing whole health
  • provides healing to past events and traumas
  • empowers you to not only move forward with your life in a way that is authentic and true, but also to view the past as such a vital part of your growth

So how do they work?

Once you have your purchased your session, I will receive your intake form and you will be directed to my online calendar. On our chosen day, you have the choice of resting/meditating for the first half hour of the session or simply going about your day...your energy is available for me to journey with either way! While I journey with my drum, I connect to your energy and seek the guidance and healing you most need on your journey to wholeness. Once I am finished, I record all of the information I have received and send it to you in an email within 24 hours. After you've had a couple of days to sit with the information, you are welcome to email me with any further support, guidance or clarity needed.

Distance versus In-Person Healing Sessions

I mean, healing is healing, so you really can't go wrong with any session option!

I do find though, because I am less constrained by time, the Distance Healing Sessions provide even more information and guidance and  a really clear list of "homework" for each client so that they are empowered to nourish and continue their own healing work. Plus you get a full recording of all of the guidance received so that you can reference it time and again as your journey unfolds.

Curious but not quite ready to commit? Here's what others are saying about the Distance Healing Sessions:

"It has been a true blessing to have found Kael.  She has helped me reconnect with soul, open my heart and shown me the strength of my voice.  From the first email, to our distance healing session, Kael has been wonderful.  Feeling her energy connect with mine, and feeling her loving energy warm my heart is an amazing gift that I will treasure always.  Her great spiritis the light of a thousand suns, shining brightly, illuminating for all to see and feel." ~Kiley, from Denver

"I found Kael’s ability of have a very deep insights into my current energetic state very powerful. She has unearthed some realities that I was unaware of, and having this outsider’s viewpoint really helped me deal with something that I would have ignored and probably needed to work on eventually.  I love that she has interpretations of her insights, all the while pointing out that my viewpoints were even more important due to their personal nature.  Love the fact that I had something to work on  after as I felt there was healing happening for a prolonged period of time."  ~Kate, from Canmore

"Kael performed a distance healing for me, and I was blown away with what the session produced.  I went into the session with little to no expectations, as I was unfamiliar with the process, but trusted in Kael that she is pursuing something beyond what I understand.  The information that Kael came back with blew my mind... she had an in depth understanding of some complex issues that I'm facing, and had tangible, reasonable and focused recommendations for me moving forward with my meditation and spiritual practices that I will be able to implement on my path moving forward.  I absolutely recommend anyone to do a session with Kael.... if you've found your way to her in any capacity, there is a reason the universe has led you there.  Love and gratitude."  ~Cheryl, from Calgary

"Simply put, Kael  is the most gifted teacher, intuitive, and healer that you will ever have the privilege of coming in contact with. She is a beaming ray of light and everything she touches awakens into its most beautiful state.
Kael’s insights are deeply transformational and lead you to feel freer, more peaceful and more vital. Because her work goes well into the deep energetic layers of ourselves, it can be challenging to really process the limiting inner realities we have unwittingly grown comfortable with. It’s truly an awakening moment when she brings these limitations out from the depths of the soul to a loving place where they can be processed and transformed into not only a powerful healing, but a seed of change.
Her work is fascinating, powerful and greatly needed in today’s spiritually starved world.  
Thank you Kael for having the courage to share your gifts and break limitless possibilities of the world open, one heart at a time." ~Shyla, from Halifax

Each Distance Healing Session includes:

- a complete recording of all guidance, information and healing that comes through

- simple and clear directions on any homework that needs to be done to facilitate the continuation of your work and healing

- email support to answer any questions or provide any further clarity that is needed

Distance Healing Session
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