Emergence Sessions

I've been asked over the last few years to offer a mentoring program. Or a life-coach program. Or an apprenticeship program. Or a Shamanic training program. Or, or, or.

And the Emergence Sessions are my answer to all of that.

These sessions are not me prescribing or directing you.

These sessions are not me "curing" you.

These sessions are not me pressing an easy button for you.

These sessions are not me teaching you my methods.

But these sessions?

These sessions are me holding a very sacred space for you to explore your own container.

These sessions are for you to become reacquainted with your own magic and medicine.

These sessions are you being seen, heard, and w i t n e s s e d so completely.

These sessions are for clearing out the sticky, the stuck, the stagnant and the never-yours-in-the-first-place so that you can move the fck forward on your spiral dance.

These sessions are us walking together toward your own reclamation and autonomy.

These sessions are work. Big work. 

But I know you're ready for it.

I know you're ready to do your big work on this leg of the journey home to who you truly are.

So, sweet beast, I cannot promise you a neat and tidy journey from Point A to Point B.

But I can promise you, with all of my heart, soul and spine, that I will be at your side as we go wherever it is your own heart, soul and spine are summoning you.

You will receive:

  • four 60 sixty minute sessions dispersed over the course of four months {all calls must scheduled at once and used within the four month window}
  • one Distance Healing Session and one Intuitive Reading to be used at anytime within the year from initial booking

The Emergence Sessions are by application only. If you are curious, if you feel called, if you are ready, get in touch and let's see where we go.