Banyan Tree Health

Kayla's acupuncture sessions are incredible. Seriously, I leave a session with her so blissed out I am always unsure if I should actually be driving.

What I especially appreciate about Kayla is that she goes beyond acupuncture, beyond the physical body. She truly understands, feels and sees the body as a whole system {physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually} and treats it as such.

Kayla has been an absolute blessing for myself and my children.

Modern Natural Therapy

Shellan is basically a unicorn.

I honestly don't even know how or where to begin with her, just trust me and go see her.

The Chiropractor

While I haven't had a session with Dr. Beaudry myself, he is working wonders on my children.

What I appreciate so much about him is that he is incredibly intuitive in his approach to medicine; basically a human MRI machine.

Heather Orton Wholistics

Heather is such a beautiful heart and a gifted healer.

I have endless gratitude for her and the healing space she has offered me, as well as the inspiration.

Carmen is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. And, trust me, a session with her in this capacity will destroy you in the best way possible.

However, since beginning my work with Carmen in the capacity of mentoring, I have come to know her through her podcasts, facebook groups and Numinous School. And she continually inspires me in her relentless quest for justice, wisdom, and smashing the patriarchy.