An Intuitive Reading is very similar to a Distance Healing Session in that it combines elements of Shamanic journeying, energetic connection, and psychic intuition to bring about the clarity, guidance, and healing that you most need at this time. Where the Intuitive Reading differs is that we go straight to the core of what you seek by journeying specifically into three questions {chosen by you!}.

The questions you can send me are quite literally limitless. Want to check in on your long lost first pet? Awesome. Questioning a relationship? Perfect. Need clarity around an ending or a beginning or an in between? We can do that. Work, money, moving, your spiritual Self, health, loved ones, death; you get the idea, no question is silly and no topic is off limits.

Ready to receive your guidance?

Purchase your Intuitive Reading below. From purchase you will receive an email with a link to my online schedule, book your session time and then, within 48 hours of your reading, you will receive a complete recording of the guidance, information and healing that came through as well as any actionable "homework" you need to continue your own healing work in a way that is both empowering and nourishing.

Intuitive Reading
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