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This book! This book should be mandatory reading for women regardless of where their roots are planted.

Beauty medicine for the human and spiritual heart.

Sometimes I am mad that this book exists {but not really} because it is totally the book I would have loved to have written.

You do not have to be an "artist" in the traditional sense to receive so much from this book. In fact, I highly encourage anyone who has firm beliefs around their lack of being an artist to invest in this book, like, right now.

Gah, this book! So quick, clear and concise; straight to the heart of the matter and the self.

Turning Pro
By Steven Pressfield

And this book! Again, quick, clear and concise; straight to the heart of the matter and the self.

Again, mandatory reading for all women.

Healing balm for the heart/spirit/soul.

More beauty medicine for the heart/spirit/soul.

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That being said, I will only ever recommend something here if it has been truly transformational or beautiful in my life.

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