Honeycomb Heart - Prayers, Poems & Offerings for the Journey

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Honeycomb Heart - Prayers, Poems & Offerings for the Journey


Oh Loves!

This book , my book, has been such a labour of love.

I can remember the exact day almost three years ago that I started writing Honeycomb Heart; the exact feeling in my body, exactly where I was, even the smell of the rain soaked pines, as the first string of words, that first tender poem, landed in my heart.

In the three years since, I have devoted my listening heart to the spaces held within both myself and the feminine experience where tenderness and wounds, muck and murk, and an unyielding and raw sense of love lie; I have devoted myself to studying the perfectly imperfect elements of self and then listened as the healing words showed up. And then, this past winter season, I received the final offering of this book and knew with absolute clarity that it was complete.

Honeycomb Heart is a tender and raw exploration of healing; an honest and beautiful journey.

But above all, Honeycomb Heart is a companionship meant to nourish you as you navigate your own spiral path; a companionship motivated by love, truth and a deep, deep desire to explore and share healing.



  • paperback cover

  • one hundred and forty-four pages

  • one hundred and five poems, prayers and offerings

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