Distance Healing Session

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Distance Healing Session.jpg

Distance Healing Session


A powerful, straight to the core option for healing, clarity and guidance.

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Each Distance Healing Session includes:

-a complete recording of all guidance, information and healing that comes through

-simple and clear directions on any homework that needs to be done to facilitate the continuation of your work and healing

-follow up email support to dig into any questions that surface or clarity that is needed

*Please note that if you can rest/meditate during the first half hour of our session time while I am drumming/journeying, that is lovely! If not, not a worry; your energy will still be available for me to connect to and journey with.

**While I try to have recordings sent the very next day, I am a single parent during the week and sometimes there are some mothering curveballs. Please allow up to 48hrs for your recording before getting worried.


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