"Thank you so much Kael for bringing such insightful, compassionate and centering energy to your work. You've challenged my old way of thinking about myself and they way I view myself within my sphere to make the most of my experiences and life. You have brought about Acceptance and wonder and I look forward to many more discussions and sessions." ~Mary

"Kael is a remarkable person; she is gentle, kind, honest, wise and understanding.  She is a very talented healer and pours her heart into all that she does.  Her passion and intuitive skill have helped me to better understand myself and and my purpose, and for that I am grateful.  I am so glad to have met Kael and I would recommend her services to anyone in need of guidance.  If you choose to see Kael for a session you will not be disappointed." ~Heather

"Kael has been apart of my life for many years now as both a student and friend. Her burning desire to explore the inner and outer worlds and how to make sense of it all is a gift to us and the world. Her continuous study of metaphysics, yoga, shamanism, and many more spiritual practices has created a vast and multilayered foundation in which her work is based off of. She is authentic, sincere, and deeply committed to serving humanity and the light. 
I have trust in her and her work, and she's just pretty epic all round!" ~Tanis

"I took an Energy Profile class with Kael earlier this spring. I can wholeheartedly say it was one of the most fulfilling things I have done for me. It was eye opening and raw. It allowed me to see myself as I am, in my deepest purest form. The knowledge I took away from that session has been so helpful in my daily life, allowing me to be happier and live in a state of calm, which was something I was desperately searching for. 
Kael herself is an amazing woman. She is so unbelievably open. She made me feel comfortable enough to open up in such a short time. She really does have a peaceful beautiful soul. If you are on the fence about attending one of her classes, just go for it. You will not be sorry! 
I cannot wait to attend more." ~Amy

"The first word that comes to mind when describing Kael is kindness...she lives a life of kindness, not just in the words she uses but by how she can make everyone around her feel a sense of comfort. When I haven't felt confident in my own skin she helped me refocus on the things I needed to to regain that confidence. She goes for what she truly sees as her vision and purpose. She lives to do what she needs to do with her life and travels the road she knows she needs to for her dreams, not what she feels others need her to be.
Whatever Kael does, it comes with a sense of peace and calm. Truly a refreshing  change in an extremely hectic and chaotic time." ~Sandra

"Kael has an ability to see beyond what you are saying and dive into the depths of your soul. She is in tune with her clients and provides an enlightening, life changing experience each time you are in her presence. She is an amazing woman with many gifts to share with this world." ~Jill

"Kael's incredible ability to connect with and guide others is truly a gift. The consequence of her sharp intuition, abounding kindness, and quick-wit, is an inspiring teacher, powerful healer, and tremendous friend." ~Ashley

"…grounded, deep, real, comforting, honest, raw, loving, supportive are all adjectives I would use to describe you.  You have the ability of creating an atmosphere of love and comfort, allowing for honesty and truth to blossom." ~Louise

"Kael's workshop was a beautiful, eye opening experience for me. Her kind and open hearted nature drew us all in, and I learned so much that afternoon. I left feeling like I knew myself better and that I had the tools I needed to live a more wholehearted and expansive life. She is a gem!" ~Morgan