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Nidra Journey™ is a practice for healing, connection and enlightenment through a blend of guided meditation and story-telling.

During the practice you will be taken to a state of deep relaxation; releasing stress, anxiety, fear and limiting beliefs. It is in this state that we become incredibly receptive and incredibly creative; a state where true transformation and deep Spiritual guidance can be engaged. 

The practice will leave you feeling recharged, grounded, well-rested and with a greater sense of wholeness and connection.

To read more about Nidra Journey™ please check out this blog post.

I am not currently teaching but I am sharing Nidra Journey™ through the Liminal Roots Podcast {available here or on iTunes}.

Contact me directly to book your own group class.

Coming Soon:

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A teacher training for yoga teachers, meditation guides, and intuitive healers who are called to offer the profound practice of Nidra Journey™.

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